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Schools must have a marketing communications mindset in this era of choice. For Miami Dade there are three areas to consider: recruitment, enrollment and retention. All three areas need considerable thought and unique strategies.

GuideK12 is very powerful from a recruitment perspective. If I know there are a lot of openings in elementary schools in a zip code, I can send postcards to promote those schools. For a new program that’s under-enrolled, I can see neighboring schools that have students who ‘belong’ to the new program [geographically] and can invite them to an open house to promote the new program. There may be as many as 300 kids outside the school boundary that could come back to the new program.

Marcus Ortega

Director of School Choice
and Parental Options
Miami Dade

The ability to box in an area, see immediate output, and easily run scenarios wasn’t something we could do before. GuideK12 geo-visual analytics allowed us to be much more precise in our planning and made communications easier and more transparent.”

Matt Warren

Operations Program Manager
Lexington County School District One

By standardizing the data flow into a GuideK12 environment, it allows more people to ask qualitative and quantitative questions without the intervention of the IT staff time or data specialists. It’s a democratization of information. We don’t want to be data rich and information poor. GuideK12 software makes data accessible to those who need to answer questions, without putting them through a cumbersome process to access it.

Kirk Langer

Lincoln Public Schools
39,000 students

Gk12 - Mark Finstrom Quote

In the past we have used pencils to draw boundary scenarios and then paid substantial funds for shape files to be created for use in other district applications. With GuideK12, I select specific areas on a map allowing the team to analyze and instantly view the changes and the impacts of these changes for a specific school or to the organizationas a whole. I have the ability to drill down from a very high-level view to an individual property line and then select only the areas Ispecifically need. I can focus on a street or on an individual house and then include various modes within the software to build and model boundaries depending on what I’ve been asked to look for or create. GuideK12 allows me to filter and visualize Highline data while designing reports that use multiple data points from our SIS and other district tools used in our schools.

Mark Finstrom

Chief Technology Officer
Highline Public Schools

GuideK12 was an invaluable resource that allowed us to input needed data to highlight and identify the areas we looked to make changes. It was highly beneficial to have one place to house the data we needed to inform decisions. The ability to overlay growth projections, boundary proposals and other data on our district map was incredibly valuable to our team. Having a central customized platform with consistent data was essential for a smooth, transparent and timely process.

Kristin Tollison

Director of Administrative Services
Wayzata Public Schools
10,500 students

The ability to understand and display things like voter locations and property values was invaluable to our district, allowing us to concentrate limited resources that led to greater success and transparency. GuideK12 was helpful to show population concentrations on a digital, interactive map throughout the bond process to gain understanding and support.

Chris James

Business Manager
Cassia County School District 151
5,500 students

GuideK12 made it possible to analyze student populations, draw maps, draw natural logical boundaries, and communicate to stakeholders. Without a visual representation of the proposed changes it wouldn’t have happened. GuideK12 was fundamental to the success we have achieved to date.

There is no way we could have made the changes or received the support we needed from the stakeholders without the hard data and maps from GuideK12 to bring it to life.

Luke Purdy

Technology Director
Rapides Parish

“I have been waiting for 22 years to have this capability. I tried doing this myself with a county provided parcel file about 5 years ago and I failed miserably. Having the Address Path in our student information system (SIS) will help Registrars in assigning a student’s next year school when it comes time to move students from elementary to middle and middle to high school. They’ve had to do it all manually.”

Kathleen Senft   Manager, Student Information System, Evergreen WA School District

“We feel the boundary planning process went very well with the community based on the fact that there was not a single dissenting vote that showed up the night of the school board vote because they were involved and engaged from the start with GuideK12.

With GuideK12 mapping functionality and data from our early childhood team incorporated into the analysis, we were able to present a picture that was easy for the community to see, understand and support.

Advice for boundary planning: First is get a grasp on your data – where students live, where they will attend. Next, create scenarios with a five year picture in mind. It is important for boundary planning to anticipate the future shifts. By adding in our PK population to GuideK12, we had a much better idea of our upcoming demand. Finally, get input from the community and other stakeholders early and often.

Joe Stangler

Director of Research and Assessment
Elk River Public Schools

“GuideK12 was implemented to enable the administrative team access to data they need for better decisions in less time with a web-based tool. Farmington Municipal schools serve 10,800 students with a wide range of needs, covering a large geographic area, causing additional planning challenges.

“When you have to rely on someone else for information pertinent to your job, delays and waiting are inevitable. GuideK12 is a perfect solution for us to provide decision makers with access to the data they need in real time, without delays or bottlenecks, wherever they are working. This alone has proved invaluable thus far.

“There are a lot of things you can do in a Student Information System (SIS) to analyze information, but extracting data and visualizing it geographically is not one of them. Our student population is highly mobile, so the ability to select an area on a map; get instant information on those student’s needs enables immediate, data driven decisions that benefit everyone. With GuideK12, we can run multiple ‘What if’ scenarios, read the results instantly, and have faith in the accuracy of the data.

“Farmington Schools has just completed a middle school redistricting process, and the resulting movement of students is presenting a myriad of challenges for principals in anticipating the needs of their student population for the upcoming school year. In the past, Farmington Principals have had to wait for reports and data to come from the district office. With this new system, each will have access to the information they need when they need it.

“This was the quickest software turn around we have seen to date in Farmington, from the moment we learned of this solution to implementation was only 8 weeks , truly a ‘no-brainer’ for us.”

Mr. Robert Emerson

Assistant Superintendent of Technology, Assessment, and Accountability
Farmington, NM

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