Webinar Invite: How to Rezone a Successful District

Listen to an engaging webinar covering how to rezone a successful district.  The live webinar was December 3rd 2019.

Presented by:
Dr. Russell Dyer, Director of Schools
Mr. Michael Kahrs, Director of Student Information Systems
Mr. Doug Moore, Director of Student Services

Learn how Cleveland City Schools added a new building and changed six other building boundaries, affecting 55% of their student body while keeping the community well informed, involved and ultimately happy with the changes. Learn what goals they set, the guiding principles they used and the communication steps and process along the way. They have created a great process for other districts to follow.


Listen today: ( works best in Google Chrome) https://transcripts.gotomeeting.com/#/s/2cb045aca7d3239a337d50be9c45e94b4b557257f9997600f71f543b63c557cb




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