SchoolSearch makes it easy to provide parents and the community 24/7 online access to boundary information, program offerings and school options.  That  means a reduction in calls, and confusion for your staff and community members.

GuideK12 SchoolSearch is not your ordinary address look up tool, it is much more. Its level of customization allows district administrators to use SchoolSearch as a marketing tool, highlighting important features of each school. With the advanced search option, parents can filter for programs and schools to find the best program that fits their family needs.

Comprehensive & Intuitive

  • 24/7 self-service access for the community from the district website
  • Reduces phone calls to the front office
  • Timely and accurate information for realtors and parents
  • Calculates drive time and distance from each selected school

Flexible and Customizable

  • Customizable displays for each school can include links or other info.
  • Advanced search functionality allows users to find magnet schools or filter for specific programs offered by the district. 
  • A school comparison tool allows users to find the best fit

You have great offerings in your district, be sure your community knows!

Competition from alternative offerings is increasing.  GuideK12 SchoolSearch can be a valuable marketing tool. It allows you to highlight all the programs your district offers while making your community aware of the opportunities you provide so your capture rates remain high.

Advanced Search provides so much more…


Customizable content

Design what information you want the community to see about each school.  Include links, location, performance information and registration details.


Searchable by Offering

Parents and students can quickly set filters based on program and school offerings within the district to visualize location in relation to their home.


Easy to Compare

The school comparison tool makes it easy to see the unique aspect of each selected school side by side.


Mobile friendly

SchoolSearch is powerful on any device – mobile, tablet or desktop

See a Bigger Picture

Your community deserves an online, interactive, easy-to-use tool like SchoolSearch.  SchoolSearch is part of the standard GuideK12 analytics suite or can be purchased as a stand-alone item.