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Attendance zone changes can be collaborative, transparent and efficient.   Ask “What if” questions, create scenarios from current data and obtain answers in minutes with GuideK12 Planner.

GuideK12 Planner is the ultimate scenario planning tool.  You can instantly see the impact of important decisions for boundary changes, rezoning, adding or consolidating buildings and comparing your district details at different snapshots in time.

Create Boundary Change Scenarios in Minutes

  • With just a few clicks, students can be reassigned to a new school
  • GuideK12’s unique packed points makes it easy to identify multi-family dwellings
  • Easy to use drawing tools make navigation a breeze
  • Students are mapped to the parcel level for enhanced accuracy 

Facilitate Objective, Transparent Discussion with Your School Board & Community

  • Visualized data allows participants to quickly understand the proposals
  • Each step/assumption is tracked, making it easy for everyone to follow the steps
  • The tool is so intuitive it enables broad based participation from many stakeholders
  • Every student is tracked to the household so it is accurate and clear

Unparalleled Accuracy for Scenario Planning


Easily identify multi-family housing


Create unlimited scenarios with intuitive drag and drop tools


Proprietary rooftop geo-coding of students delivers highest match in industry


Consistency from scenario to scenario with data vintages

Instantly Understand with Dynamic Scenario Reports

  • From capacity to demographics to feeder patterns, quickly capture the impact of each proposal
  • Export to Excel or PDF for additional analysis or sharing
  • Lock in one data vintage for all scenarios to ensure comparable comparisons

Improved Output Capabilities

  • Map output includes all selected filters for transparent communications
  • Easily embed map images and scenarios into presentations for group discussions

Guiding Principles for Boundary Planning

When Wayzata Public Schools in Minnesota took on the task of creating new boundaries, they began with creating clear guiding principles for the task team and used GuideK12.  Click here for their success story and details on the guiding principles selected.

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