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Every journey begins with a map. Geovisual Analytic technology allows you to better navigate your district’s path and steer clear of obstacles through better insight.

 Data driven decision making requires an understanding of where your students are coming from, literally and figuratively.  GuideK12 is designed for effective, efficient, transparent decision making.

Appealing Map Visuals

  • Big, bold and easy to read
  • Quick Summary Window is configurable by district
  • Many useful base map options ( road, aerial, traffic) 
  • See elementary, middle and high school boundaries in one view

Instantly Filter Any Data

  • Any characteristic of a loaded data set can be filtered for fast insight
  • Examine thousands of combinations of any data set in seconds
  • Link custom data sets for improved insight
  • Excellent tool for generating state reports by service or demographics

Spot Trends Easily with GuideK12’s Packed Points Feature



Easily identify multi-family housing


Clearly see multiple students in one household


One click identifies all characteristics of a selected group because each point is “live” and can be quickly exported


Quickly zoom from looking at the whole district down to a single property in seconds

Intuitive Drawing Tools

  • Draw a polygon, point, or line with just a click of the mouse to isolate custom areas
  • Locate everyone within a set radius from any point on the map
  • Create a polygon and then invert selection in one simple click to exclude an area
  • Draw multiple polygons on the same map for easier analysis and data interpretation

Output Maps for Communicating

  • Map output includes all selected filters for transparent communications
  • Easily embed map images and scenarios into presentations for group discussions

Secure the Funding Your District Needs

In today’s data-driven society, winning a referendum requires more information.  Referendum planning has changed. Your district can have the new tools, data and insight to secure necessary funding during the next election.  GuideK12 can help your teams focus their efforts for greater campaign results.

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