GK12-eGuideK12 Adviser

From a data expert to a novice, adviser makes it easy for all users to create compelling, visual reports.

In a data-driven world, generating visually appealing reports has never been a more important communication tool.  Adviser allows you to select your data, or a geographic area and in a matter of a few clicks, move from analysis to a report to a presentation and ultimately a decision

Choose Your Variables, Select Chart Type & Go!

  • Select your data set and any characteristic in a few clicks
  • Easy to filter data to hone in on just what you need
  • Select from a geography on a map or the most relevant dataset

Generate Compelling Reports in Minutes

  • Easily switch from bar chart to pie chart to line graph
  • Thematic charts help show a geographic pattern and trend clearly
  • Spend more time discussing and deciding rather than creating

Streamline How You Analyze Data

No Spreadsheets

No Spreadsheets

No Formulas

No Formulas


No Pivot Tables

No Formatting

No Formatting

Longitudinal Comparisons in a Click

  • Easily do trend analysis
  • Select years, months or a scenario
  • Analyze changes over time
  • Advanced mode allows for multi-variable analysis

GuideK12 Advisor Map

Accurate, Flexible & Fluid

  • Rooftop geo-coding insures highly accurate student location data
  • With every variable change, gain new insight
  • Easy for users of any technology experience to get up and running quickly

Secure the Funding Your District Needs

Referendum planning has changed, has your district embraced the new tools, data and insight to secure necessary funding during this next election? Voters expect more facts to be presented in more ways than before.  GuideK12 can help your teams focus your district efforts for greater campaign results.

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