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Understanding the geographic context of your district’s data is fundamental for making more informed decisions.  GuideK12 is changing how districts see, interact, and understand multiple sets of data, all in one interactive map.

Four Powerful Geovisual Analytic Tools in One Web-Based Package


Each component of the GuideK12 suite is designed with different administrative needs in mind.  From high level analysis to detailed scenario planning, reporting or address look ups, GuideK12 provides the insight your team needs to move forward with decisions.

The GuideK12 Analytics Suite has a new look,
new functionality and a new module.

The most powerful administrative analytics engine
on the market!

New functionality: New features across each module.  Advanced scenario capabilities, flexible reporting, multiple data streams and more.

New module: Adviser is an all new module offering advanced charting, graphing and in depth analysis tools. Longitudinal reports have never been easier, compare scenarios or examine multiple variables in one click.

New look: New user interface across all modules with enhanced maps and more intuitive tools.

You will love GuideK12’s fast, interactive, real time data analysis capability designed exclusively for busy administrators.



Explorer is a quick data analysis tool with users ranging from superintendents to front office personnel. Explorer dramatically simplifies data access by harmonizing disparate data in real time. You can quickly, interactively explore data needed to make informed decisions on everything – demographic shifts, open enrollment patterns, referendum campaigns and more.


Move from a big idea to exploring feasibility in minutes.  Create “what if” scenarios in a flash with Planner.  Planner allows you and your team to bring boundary planning to a whole new level.  With a few clicks, Planner visualizes various scenarios that afford a deeper  understanding of the impact of each potential change from multiple perspectives.  Make informed recommendations and move to a widely supported decision quickly.


From basic to complex reports, Adviser allows decision makers to aggregate data by geography or characteristic then move to an eye pleasing graph or chart.  Decisions move faster with visualized data.  Administrators can spend less time collecting data, setting up spreadsheet formulas and more time making decisions based on multiple streams of real time data.  GuideK12 puts all the data in one place with geographic context. Save time and make better decisions.


How easy is it for your community to find valuable information about the schools in the area? SchoolSearch allows districts to communicate and engage the community.  By providing parents, realtors and community members an interactive school locator, you can reduce phone calls, and provide the community accurate answers faster. SchoolSearch is the most  customizable school locator tool for your district, highlighting key information such as special programs and unique offerings. No one offers more flexibility and options in a school look up tool than GuideK12.

Reveal New Insights

  • Analyze and combine any selected data set (students, parcels, voters and more)
  • Filter and query on any characteristic and instantly visualize results
  • Nightly uploads from your SIS ensures timely data

Learn Quickly

  • Available for all level of users.  Advanced technical degrees, not required. Role based security keeps information protected
  • Intuitive interface with detailed map displays 
  • The Quick Summary window instantly shows the results of each query

Communicate with Confidence

  • Export map and legend images for inclusion in eye catching presentations
  • Generate reports from selected areas with specific queries displayed
  • Run unlimited scenarios 

Innovative Technology for Busy Leaders

Cloud-BasedCloud based, SaaS, works from anywhere

Cloud-BasedWorks seamlessly with any student information system

Cloud-BasedUnlimited users with no seat licenses required!  Role-based security insures proper access for all personnel

Cloud-BasedNo technical degree needed!  Easy to use, easy to understand and quick to learn

Cloud-BasedNo software to install, saving IT time and resources.  Up and running in 4-6 weeks

Questions GuideK12 Can Answer

How are the demographics changing in your district?

How will the students be impacted by this boundary scenario?

Who are all the families within a ½ mile from this point on the map?

Where are the PK families in your district located?

What magnet or specialized programs do parents need more information about?

Are there areas that are losing more students than they are gaining?

What are the property values in this area?

Where do the frequent voters live in the district and are there students in the house?

Where are most of the students transferring from?

Where are my students that are enrolled in a program such as ELL or those with disabilities?

Which schools are assigned to this house or apartment complex?

Are the right resources in each building for next year’s students?


If a new idea comes to me at 4am, I can create a scenario and immediately see if it solves the problem I am trying to address. There is no way to balance all the factors required when making changes without visualization like GuideK12 provides.

Randy Moczygemga
New Braunfels ISD, TX

The ability to analyze the neighborhood so easily with GuideK12 helped debunk myths and gave us on-the-spot data that facilitated conversation quickly and accurately.

District 196Julie Olson,
Director of Elementary Education,
District Consultant

District 196

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