Four Pillars of Change: Driving Proactive Change

Big change requires strategic, data-driven thinking. This article outlines four key pillars that support districts making change and challenges leaders to ask key questions about the process and approach to ensure success for all in the end. After 41 years in public education, I would say this: the most important component of any process is […]
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District Referendum Success Story: Stillwater Public Schools

Stillwater Public Schools just saw one of the largest bond proposals in district history pass with strong community support. In total, $97.5 million will be spent over the next 3 years to reconfigure grade levels, upgrade district facilities and build a new elementary school. This is not the first time a long-range plan had been […]
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GuideK12 hosts Arizona Event for District Administrators

You are invited to attend: Preparing for Change in Arizona School Districts – 2015 and Beyond In the next five years, your district will most likely face population growth, decline or a demographic shift. What demographic changes are coming for AZ? How will you manage these and other challenges? How are these changes factoring into […]
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GK12 - Insights from a Strategic District Realignment

Insights from a Strategic District Realignment

Change for a district can be very disruptive and is never easy. The administration at Sunnyside Unified SchoolDistrict (SUSD) understood the task they had in front of them and carefully planned to meet the needs of all stakeholders — including students, parents and staff — ensuring the most ideal outcome possible.
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Chuck Amos, GuideK12 CEO Provides Business Advice

Advice to Start-Up Ed Tech Companies MINNEAPOLIS, MN December, 2014 – Chuck Amos, CEO, GuideK12 — Friday, December 19, 2014 This may sound strange, but for small companies, not all growth is good growth. Measured growth is best. A company needs to pace itself with regard to the promises and commitments it makes both internally […]
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GuideK12™ Launches SchoolSearch, Taking Communication to a New Level

GuideK12 SchoolSearch™ improves how districts communicate boundaries and school options to families MINNEAPOLIS, MN November 4, 2014 – Today GuideK12 announces the launch of SchoolSearch, designed to provide a better way for districts to communicate boundaries, program or school options and more to parents in their community. SchoolSearch is the most comprehensive online communication tool […]
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