EdTech Digest Names GuideK12 CEO Chuck Amos Finalist for 2014 “Visionary of the Year”

Distinguished awards program recognizes top tools, trendsetters and leaders in edtech. MARCH 20, 2014 — The finalists for the fourth annual EdTech Digest Awards Recognition Program honoring tools, trendsetters and leaders in the education and technology sector have been announced. The distinguished awards program recognizes outstanding solutions—and the best and brightest minds—in education and technology […]
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Texas District Uses Real-Time Data to Make Enrollment Decisions

By Dr. Steven Rubenstein Big data may seem scary, but it doesn’t need to be. Real world applications of districts having success mining data for better results. First, a confession: I hate big data. There are too many factors influencing results to show anything useful, I often protest. Results of high-stakes test scores don’t measure […]
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Andover Public Schools looking at data differently with geovisual technology

A rapidly growing district with a reputation for excellence embraces a breakthrough solution from GuideK12. (MINNEAPOLIS, MINN) January 14, 2014 – Andover Public Schools, the second-fastest growing district in the state of Kansas, recently implemented GuideK12 geovisual analytic software to accelerate and support data-driven decisions. District leaders sought an application that would save time and […]
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GK12 WhitePaper; Making Geovisual Analytics a Central Part of Your Decision Making Process

Making Geovisual Analytics a Central Part of Your Decision Making Process

Executive Summary Schools are swimming in data, much of it housed in different functional departments in the district. Trying to use this data to support decision-making often requires significant time and technical resources to produce the necessary reports, charts and maps. More often than not, this leads to an information bottleneck where the results lack […]
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Geovisualization Software is Shaping School Districts

The power of GuideK12’s geovisual technology for education from TechDotMN blog. As many parents would attest, when it comes to matters of K-12 school zoning and resource allocation, conversations can grow pretty emotional. People care deeply about the quality of education their young children are receiving. When touchy issues like this are in play, there’s […]
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GuideK12 named software pick for 2013 by Scholastic Administrator Magazine

Gain new insights about your district with GuideK12, geovisual analytics software and uncover answers to tough district questions with an interactive map   Read More Details
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