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GK12 - Reducing Mobility in Low Performing Schools

Improving Outcomes by Reducing Mobility in Low Performing Schools

Research shows that when students change schools, they lose on average, three months of academic progress due to the disruption of a new teacher, new classmates, and an unfamiliar curriculum. When Rapides Parish in Louisiana began looking at ways to turn around some of their lowest performing schools, they began with data and it led […]
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The ABC’s of GuideK12 Applications

An alphabetical look at GuideK12’s offerings.  
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Highline Public Schools embraces geovisual analytics

Highline Public Schools Embraces Geovisual Analytics

Highline Public Schools (HPS), located in Burien, Washington, borders Seattle to the north and sits on the banks of Puget Sound. HPS serves a diverse student population of about 19,000, speaking 95+ different languages, housed in 32 schools. HPS has experienced growth in enrollment over the past 5 years of up to 500 new students […]
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GK12 How Does Your District Analyze School Choice Data

How Does Your District Analyze School Choice Data?

School Choice is expanding and changing state by state. Families are seeking customization and more options to the educational process, and demand-driven education looks like it will continue to grow. The state of Florida has had choice programs for many years. Whether it is pervasive in your district today  or will be in a few […]
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Leverage Innovative Technology for Informed Decisions

Growing by 500-600 students a year for over a decade requires innovative thinking to ensure proper building utilization, addition of new buildings, and boundary alignment as the population shifts and grows.  
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GK12 Driving Open Enrollment With Parent Choice In Mind

Driving Open Enrollment with Parent Choice in Mind

It truly was an “aha moment” for the district to visualize the location where all the students lived and where they attended. Understanding those trends was critical to promoting the specialized programs and attracting more students. Open Enrollment is having a greater and greater impact on schools across the country. Some states, like Arizona, have […]
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