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Director of Instructional Technology and Student Information, West Islip, NY

“One of the pieces that I can’t do with our current Student Information Systems is to pull information out and look at the data mapped in a geographic format. The use of GuideK12 has allowed us to start to see patterns and understand impact. Redistricting would have been impossible any other way.”



Superintendent, West Islip, NY

“GuideK12 has allowed us to almost instantaneously generate reports and data that would have taken weeks in the past. (It) gives our board and administration the information we need to play out a variety of scenarios that would not have been possible with the old system. As a superintendent, having a data base where you can immediately see a zone of your community and how many students are at each grade level and where they actually live, can be very helpful in your planning process.”



Superintendent, Grand Forks, ND

“Drag a line and – boom! It’s point-and-click technology that shows changes in real-time. We can see the effects of a decision immediately rather than waiting to see its consequences.”