GuideK12 Solutions

 GuideK12 enables the visualization of disparate data for more effective decisions. By displaying student information on an easy to read, interactive map, patterns emerge that may otherwise be hidden in a spreadsheet.  

With proven, award winning technology and world class services, GuideK12 is enabling education leaders to analyze, visualize and predict.

Experience the range of GuideK12’s benefits across a school, a district or a state department of education by clicking on the videos below. All of the data shown in the video is for demonstration purposes only.


Boundary Re-alignment

A superintendent is working diligently with the school board to realign boundaries and optimize resources. He creates scenarios to most effectively and efficiently reassign the children into buildings that make sense and eliminate split enrollment areas. His new approach will increase engagement and transparency and build community support.

School Choice Impact

A new school board member is asking questions about school choice and the district transportation policy. He wants to understand the magnitude of the problem and how to create equity across the district. He also wonders how the district resources will be affected if the district can’t attract a greater number of school choice students than they are losing.

Crisis Communication

The director of community education is tasked with responding to a student drowning crisis near a popular lake in town. She wants to notify those living around the lake about the incident and also offer WSI programs to the families that live within a short walking distance to the lake. This highlights the ability to locate all the students within a radius of any point in the district.

Academic Performance

Mapping high stakes test scores by performance level will assist the district for determining the feasibility of creating an after school enrichment program. The goal is to create a peer to peer mentoring program. Understanding the number of students, their locations and building options will provide clear answers for the district decision.

Funding Campaign

A Tech Director would like to determine density numbers in the district and create a custom layer of the public voting history on one map. By being able to layer this information, the district can decide where to focus limited time and resources to encourage everyone to get out to support the referendum.

Community WiFi Hot Spots

By adding a custom layer to the district map, the district is able to create a resource for parents to determine where all the free Wi-Fi spots are in their community.

Anticipating Resource Needs

The district has experienced significant change over the past few years. The Chief Academic Officer needs to better understand the resource needs for the middle schools over the next three years based on the elementary population’s characteristics. What are the ELL needs or special education resources over the next three years?

School Performance

The curriculum director wants to see how schools are doing in her district by looking at their performance scores. She also wants to post that information for parents who are trying to decide which school to attend.

Data Quality Campaigns

A regional service center promotes monthly data quality campaigns to help districts clean up their data. This month the focus is address data, so the service center works with member schools to use the vintage information area to isolate and correct bad address data.

Natural Disaster Preparedness

A hurricane warning has been issued. The Superintendent wants to have scenarios prepared for in the event one or two of the buildings are flooded or not able to be used short term or long term.