Who is GuideK12?

We are a dedicated team of professionals passionate about helping school districts. Our tools help a wide range of users — from the Superintendent wanting to analyze trends affecting the budget, to a committee wanting to analyze boundary changes, to a parent needing to know if their new house is in the district. Our web-based solution incorporates information from a variety of sources, enabling analysis, strategic planning, enrollment analysis, growth and consolidation analysis and the ability to view information spatially. All wrapped up in a tool that is user friendly and easy to use.

GuideK12 is led by CEO, Chuck Amos. Based in Eagan, Minnesota (just outside Minneapolis/St. Paul), GuideK12 currently serves large metro, suburban and rural school districts across the United States. We have been the proud recipient of many awards in the last couple years: 2013 SIIA CODiE finalist for Best K12 enterprise solution, EdTech’s “Cool Tool” Award for Best District Data Solution, Named one of six Innovator Showcase Companies by the National School Board Association, One of the Top 100 products for 2012 by District Administration Magazine. GuideK12 LLC is owned by a group of Private Investors from the Twin Cities in MN.

GuideK12 History?

GuideK12 was established over three years ago, yet has deep roots going back several decades. The original company began as a mapping company primarily focused on supplying hand drawn boundary and bus route maps to schools. As that business began to wane, it was sold to an investment firm. The newly formed organization pulled together experts in education, demographics, analytics, technology and saw the potential for a new visualization software that would bring geovisual analytics into the education market for the first time. The ability to bring the knowledge from the past together with emerging technology was the spark that launched GuideK12, geovisual analytics for education.

What can Geovisual Analytics do to support district decision making?

Geovisual Analytics is an emerging interdisciplinary field integrating perspectives from Visual Analytics and Geographic Information Science. Said another way, we sort through massive amounts of data and — by visualizing it — help school administrators quickly find patterns and trends. It definitely beats staring at a spread sheet. By adding the geographic, visual dimension to your data, we bring out insights that weren’t possible before. GuideK12 is the pioneer in the field of geovisual analytics for education. We are carving a new path everyday and amazed and impressed by what our customers are learning and how they are applying this tool for better decisions in their districts.