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District Referendum Success Story: Stillwater Public Schools

Stillwater Public Schools just saw one of the largest bond proposals in district history pass with strong community support. In total, $97.5 million will be spent over the next 3 years to reconfigure grade levels, upgrade district facilities and build a new elementary school. This is not the first time a long-range plan had been […]
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GK12 - Insights from a Strategic District Realignment

Insights from a Strategic District Realignment

Change for a district can be very disruptive and is never easy. The administration at Sunnyside Unified SchoolDistrict (SUSD) understood the task they had in front of them and carefully planned to meet the needs of all stakeholders — including students, parents and staff — ensuring the most ideal outcome possible.
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GK12 - District Boundary Planning Process Steps

District Boundary Planning Process Steps

Boundary Planning Process Steps The following has been prepared as a guideline as a district embarks upon the task of changing enrollment areas. This document has been created with input and participation from several GuideK12 customers based on the insights and experience they have shared.   Superintendent develops goals and objectives as a first step […]
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GK12 White Paper - Fostering Improvement

Fostering Continuous Improvement

With help from decision support tools, a growing number of districts are focusing on continuous improvement throughout their schools Over the last several years, the Aldine Independent School District in Texas has raised students’ average reading scores by 18 percent, brought up math scores by 29 percent, increased its four-year graduation rate by 11 percentage […]
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GK12 WhitePaper; Making Geovisual Analytics a Central Part of Your Decision Making Process

Making Geovisual Analytics a Central Part of Your Decision Making Process

Executive Summary Schools are swimming in data, much of it housed in different functional departments in the district. Trying to use this data to support decision-making often requires significant time and technical resources to produce the necessary reports, charts and maps. More often than not, this leads to an information bottleneck where the results lack […]
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